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A 43-year flight instructor, Rod Machado has taught millions the basics of flying through flight lessons, simulation and training materials. Since 1973, he has been teaching and speaking to pilots in the 50 states and Europe. Rod is a tireless pilot advocate. Besides a degree in Aviation Science, Rod holds degrees in Psychology. He started flying at age 16, is a rated ATP with all airplane Flight Instructor ratings. Rod is AOPA's National Flight Instructor Spokesman and a National Accident Prevention Counselor appointed by the FAA in Washington D. C. Because of his vast CFI experience and unique style, he was chosen to write the flight lessons and be the CFI voice on Microsoft's Flight Simulator. He simplifies the complex, making bland topics interesting and educating with humor. Rod is a columnist for AOPA Pilot and Flight Training magazines. His ten book titles include Rod Machado's Instrument Pilots Handbook--a must for those working in the IFR system and Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane (maneuvers book) --a must have for CFIs, pilots and students. Hardcopies, eBooks, iPad downloads and Interactive eLearning Courses are available at RodMachado.com.